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Managed Anti-Spam / Email Filtering

MASS – Our own managed Antispam and Email filtering services located on European Private cloud servers reduces spam, viruses, malware and other email threats by over 99.9%. We provide sophisticated email security for your business without making it complicated. Hundreds of sophisticated tests scan your email separating unwanted email and security threats from the email that you need to run your business. It keeps learning too, becoming more resilient over time, continuously improving your protection.

Dual on-board Virus scanning
MASS has two on-board virus detection engines that constantly scan in bound mail for malware and viruses. Once detected, they are erased or quarantined which means they never hit your network. Our Zero-day virus updating means that we can identify new viruses as they are created. This gives your business real protection against being hit by a virus through email.

White listing / Black listing
The solution allows you to whitelist / blacklist sender email addresses meaning you can choose to always allow / always block mail from a particular email address.

Recipient verification
MASS offers a number of Recipient Verification types they are: Dynamic Recipient Verfication (DRV), LDAP, list based and specify regular expression verfication. Once a mail is delivered to the MASS Private Cloud, it will validate the email address against the mail server thus rejecting fake emails and spam.

Outbound Scanning
Outbound scanning of email is vital today. It blocks spam and viruses being sent out from your organisation, thus preventing your IPs from being blacklisted as a spammer by one of the many global blacklisting services. IP blacklisting prevents email delivery, interferes with business process and productivity is difficult and time consuming to resolve.

Under Control
You have full control of the blocked emails directly from your inbox with a daily digest of unclassified blocked messages, you can quickly whitelist and release messages directly without leaving your mail client, or quickly view your quarantine and blocked messages from a fast web interface.

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